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Alexandra + Simon | Westriver

We had a pleasure to photograph Alex and Simon’s wedding on June 11, 2011. We loved how warm their families were!  For the groom prep we went to the beautiful Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering. In Alex’s house, her mom and dad were so hospitable!  The couple wed in fabulous Westriver Event Centre, one of our favourite places. We love shooting there as the Westriver always provides us with wonderful photo opportunities. On top of it, the bridal party was a riot, they were funny and entertaining and very much into photos. Alex and Simon were very accommodating and it was an absolute honour to be part of their special day!

Thank you very much for everything and congratulations again!

Laura + Chris | The Guild, Toronto

What a wonderful day with Chris and Laura, family and friends!  We did not at all feel like vendors this day.  We were treated like guests!  Thank you for your kind hearts towards our team.

We wish you many special days ahead

Patricia + Osbert | Dreams Convention, Brampton

What a wonderful , exciting day we had with Patricia and Osbert.  The disney theme was very cool, especially when Mickey and Minnie their entrance.

Great friends, great family, great party!

Dan + Sonya | High Park, Toronto

Thank you Dan and Sonya!  It was a pleasure being part of your special day.  We loved doing your creative shoot at High Park.  Perhaps on your 10th anniversary,  we do photos in High Park?

Wishing you and your family continued success!

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