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Ayessa + Bruno | Royal Ambassador

Ayessa and Bruno are as passionate as the “Brazilian Samba”. We knew we would have lots of fun with them after shooting their engagement. Their beautiful ceremony was held at the Caledon’s Royal Ambassador. It was very touching and emotional especially that the bride instead of traditional vowes decided to sing a song. All together their ceremony was filled with music and singing. We also used the grounds of Royal Ambassador for our creative shoot. Brazilians certainly know how to have fun and enjoy every moment, despite the scorching hot weather.

After the creative shoot we followed the couple to the Le treport in Mississauga. We loved beautifully decorated hall and great food. Ayessa and Bruno are the most wonderful, genuine and kind people. We love you very much! Congratulations and thank you for having us!

Anna + Jimmy | Markham

OPA!  This was one big fat greek wedding! We just loved Anna and Jimmy’s energy, optimism and joie de vivre! They were just alway on the go and always happy and attentive! They are both teachers and met coaching basketball! We absolutely adored them.

For the photoshoot, we took them to Toogood Pond and by accident discovered a new photoshoot location by Markham Library. We liked there very much as it gave us different looks of parks, architecture and most of all, it was quiet and shaded.

Anna and Jimmy’s reception was at La Parc and the dancing would not stop. As a matter of fact, as we write this, we think they are still dancing, this is how spirited and enthusiastic this couple is!

Opa! Thank you very much guys!!!

Dominique + Andre

Dominique and Andre have this quiet beauty about them. Dominique is a teacher and we can totally see why children are drawn to her. She is sweet, kind and gentle, no wonder Andre wants to spend the rest of his life with her! We loved Andre’s attention to details and fashion–it was evident in his sharp look, in his gentleman way and in his generosity. We photographed the couple, their families and bridal party in Alexander Muir’s Park and followed them to their reception at the hotel with the as present.

Thank you very much Dominique and Andre for giving us this opportunity to photograph your special day!

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